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報告:UIA Social Habitat Work Programme_坂田泉

UIA(国際建築家連合)のSocial Habitat Work Programme(社会的住宅活動部会)の定例会議が1月25日にオンラインで行われました。参加各国の委員25名から自国の「Social Housing」の状況についての発表があり、JIAからは坂田泉国際委員が参加しました。

Past, Present and Future of Social Housing Development in Japan」SAKATA Izumi

第1章:「Past and Present of the Japanese Public Housing Development」
第2章:「Beyond Disaster」
第3章:「Future towards Africa」
福島県の復興住宅をモデルに坂田がケニアで進めている「Affordable Housing Project」を紹介


Apr 21, 2022

Report:UIA Social Habitat Work Programme _SAKATA Izumi

The regular meeting of the UIA Social Habitat Work Programme was held as an online meeting on January 25. 25 committee members from participating countries gave presentations on the status of "Social Housing" in their countries, and SAKATA Izumi, JIA International Relations Committee member participated in the meeting.

Past, Present and Future of Social Housing Development in Japan" SAKATA Izumi.

Chapter 1: "Past and Present of the Japanese Public Housing Development"

The report touches on the flow of public sector housing supply from postwar reconstruction to the period of rapid economic growth and an aging society with a declining birthrate, and introduces the situation in which the primary role of housing supply has now been transferred to the private sector.

Chapter 2: "Beyond Disaster"

The public sector still plays a major role in providing housing after natural disasters. As an example, the "Reconstruction Housing Development" in Fukushima Prefecture after the Great East Japan Earthquake is introduced.

Chapter 3: "Future toward Africa"

Sakata's "Affordable Housing Project" in Kenya, modeled after Fukushima Prefecture's reconstruction housing

This presentation was highly praised for its use of the Great East Japan Earthquake experience to support affordable housing in developing countries, and for its collaboration with a university in Kenya.