Report | UIA International Forum "Affordable Housing Activation. Removing Barriers" May 18-20, 2022 Madrid.


Updated: May 23, 2022

2022年5月18日(水)から20日(金)まで「Affordable Housing Activation. Removing Barriers」をテーマとしたUIA国際フォーラムがスペインのマドリードで開催され、JIAからは国際委員の竹馬大二、坂田泉、高階澄人の3名が出席しました。

社会構造や文化も異なる人々が世界各国から集まって議論を重ねるという今回のフォーラムの「構造」はなかなか巧みなものでした。「Affordable Housing」に直接アプローチするのではなく「Affordable Housing」の促進(Activation)の障害となる「Barrier」を6つに分類し、Barrier 毎にそれを取り除く方法・技術・制度等々について専門家が具体的に経験・事例を紹介するというアプローチ。「Affordable Housing」とは何か、などという議論に時間を浪費することはなく、とにかく目の前の障害を乗り越え、あるいは回避し、できることをやっていこうという姿勢が示されていました。


The UIA International Forum was held in Madrid, Spain from May 18 (Wed.) to 20 (Fri.), 2022, and was attended by three JIA International Relations Committee members, Daiji Chikuba, Izumi Sakata, and Sumito Takashina.

The “structure” of the forum, where people with different social structures and cultures gathered from all over the world to discuss the theme of “Affordable Housing,” was quite skillful. Rather than approaching “Affordable Housing” directly, the forum classified the barriers to the promotion (activation) of “Affordable Housing” into six categories, and for each barrier, experts introduced concrete experiences and case studies of methods, technologies, systems, etc., to eliminate the barriers. The approach is to have experts introduce their experiences and case studies on how to eliminate the barriers, technologies, systems, etc. for each barrier. The Forum did not waste time discussing what “Affordable Housing” is, but instead, focused on overcoming or avoiding the obstacles in front of us and doing what we can do to help.

In conjunction with the forum, the UIA General Assembly and Board of Directors meeting was held on May 16 and 17, bringing together architects from around the world to discuss the UIA Statutes, including amendments, as well as a motion to support Ukraine. No matter how different our ideologies, thoughts, and beliefs may be, the main purpose of the UIA is to form “UNITY” between Ukraine, Russia, and the countries that watch over both countries through the common ground of “architects”. The value of UIA as a place where people from all over the world can gather under the name of “architects” and engage in free discussion was realized once again.