EAST-EAST Mini Review | Pass the baton of 20 years of exchange

20年来の交流のバトンを受け継ぐ「EAST-EAST Mini Review」

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

2022年8月29日に開催された「EAST-EAST Mini Review」の動画が公開されました。リトアニアと日本の建築家・建築学生による国際交流イベント「EAST-EAST」は、2002年の初開催以来、4回開催されています。「EAST-EAST Mini Review」は、2022年9月にカウナス建築フェスティバルで開催予定の「EAST-EAST 5」に向け、リトアニアから来日した6人の建築家を歓迎して企画されました。過去の参加建築家たちが新世代の建築家たちにこれまでの歴史を共有し、両国の建築界の20年にわたる交流のバトンを繋いだ楽しい壮行会の様子をぜひご覧ください。

EAST-EAST Mini Review

日時 2022年8月29日(月)18:30~20:30
会場 建築家会館大ホール / 東京都渋谷区神宮前
司会 国広ジョージ (EAST-EAST1,2,3 / EAST-EAST5 総合ディレクター)
企画 蔵楽友美(EAST-EAST5 コーディネーター)
主催 JIA国際委員会


国広ジョージ (EAST-EAST1,2,3 / EAST-EAST5 総合ディレクター)
佐藤尚巳 (JIA会長)
ロカス・ダニリャヴィチュス (駐日リトアニア共和国大使館)
古谷誠章 (EAST-EAST1,2,3,4)
ダイニュス・カマイティス (EAST-EAST発案者、元駐日リトアニア共和国特命全権大使)
芦原太郎 (EAST-EAST1,2,3)
ギンタラス・バルチーティス (EAST-EAST 3,4 / EAST-EAST5 Curator General)
小林正美 (EAST-EAST3 workshop)
アンドゥリュス・ロポラス (EAST-EAST 2 workshop / EAST-EAST5 Curator)
横河健 (EAST-EAST1,2,3)
大野秀敏 (EAST-EAST1,3)
千葉学 (EAST-EAST2,3,4)
ヤウトラ・ベルノタイティェ (EAST-EAST 4 workshop / EAST-EAST5 Curator)
手塚貴晴 (EAST-EAST2,3)
山本理顕 (EAST-EAST2,3)
六鹿正治 (JIA前会長)

A video of the “EAST-EAST Mini Review” held on August 29th, 2022 is now published. EAST-EAST, an international exchange event of architects and architecture students from Lithuania and Japan, has been held four times since its inception in 2002. The “EAST-EAST Mini Review” was organized to welcome six architects from Lithuania to Japan for “EAST-EAST 5,” scheduled to be held at the Kaunas Architecture Festival in September 2022. We invite you to watch the fun send-off party where the past participating architects shared their history with the new generation of architects and pass the baton of 20 years of exchange between the architectural communities of the two countries.

EAST-EAST Mini Review

Date Monday, August 29th, 2022, 18:30-20:30
Venue Main Hall of the Architect‘s House / jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Moderated by George Kunihiro (EAST-EAST1,2,3 / EAST-EAST5 Director General)
Coordinated by Yumi Zoraku (EAST-EAST5 Coordinator)
Organized by JIA International Relations Committee

SPEAKERS (in order of appearance)

George Kunihiro (EAST-EAST1,2,3 / EAST-EAST5 Director General)
Naomi Sato (JIA President)
Rokas Danilevičius (Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Japan)
Nobuaki Furuya (EAST-EAST1,2,3,4)
Dainius Kamaitis (Originator, EAST-EAST Architecture Event / Former Republic of Lithuania Ambassador to Japan)
Taro Ashihara (EAST-EAST1,2,3)
Gintaras Balčytis (EAST-EAST 3,4 / EAST-EAST5 Curator General)
Masami Kobayashi (EAST-EAST3 workshop)
Andrius Ropolas (EAST-EAST 2 workshop / EAST-EAST5 Curator)
Ken Yokogawa (EAST-EAST1,2,3)
Hidetoshi Ohno (EAST-EAST1,3)
Manabu Chiba (EAST-EAST2,3,4)
Jautra Bernotaitė (EAST-EAST 4 workshop / EAST-EAST5 Curator)
Takaharu Tezuka (EAST-EAST2,3)
Riken Yamamoto (EAST-EAST2,3)
Summary and Closing Remarks
Masaharu Rokushika (Immediate Past President of JIA)