Japanese Five Ways to Overcome the Environment _ Katsuya Fukushima Laboratory, Tokyo City University

環境を乗りこなす日本の5つの手法 _ 東京都市大学 福島加津也研究室

Updated: Aug 4, 2023


東京都市大学 福島加津也研究室 2021年4月 PDF (10MB)

  • 循環:日本の環境制度 ―林業の制度 “林政” にみる―/岸晃輔
  • 折衷:日本の環境を真行草の「行」で乗りこなす/寺島瑞季
  • 共生:日本の伝統的な環境調整装置 ―自然環境との“共生” の空間―/重野雄大
  • 着脱:変化する環境 を乗りこなす 衣服的建築/清水大介
  • 受容:感覚で季節の変化を乗りこなす/佐藤瞳


東京都市大学 福島加津也研究室
Katsuya Fukushima Laboratory, Tokyo City University:

In conjunction with the publication of “ARCHITECTURE GUIDE to the UN17 Sustainable Development Goals JAPAN VERSION” in October 2019, graduate students from the Tokyo City University’s Katsuya Fukushima Laboratory conducted a research activity titled “Japanese Five Ways to Overcome the Environment”. JIA has purchased the resulting panels in order to share them with the world. We hope that many people will take a look at them.

“Japanese Five Ways to Overcome the Environment”
Katsuya Fukushima Laboratory, Tokyo City University, April 2021  PDF (10MB)

  • Circulation: Japanese Forest Circular Economy in Foresty System “ Forest Circular Economy ” / KISHI Kosuke
  • Eclectic: Riding the Japanese environment with the “GYO” of SHIN-GYO-SO / TERASHIMA Mizuki
  • Symbiosis: Japanese traditional Environmental Device -Space as device of “Symbiosis” with the Natural Environment- / SHIGENO Yudai
  • Removable: Analogy of architecture with clothes against changeable environment / SHIMIZU Daisuke
  • Receptivity: Overcome seasonal changes with a receptive mind / SATO Hitomi

The actual exhibition was postponed due to the COVID, but it was finally realized at the ASA National Convention (Bangkok, Thailand) in April 2023.